Saturday, 17 January 2009


At the end of 2008 we went to see the overgrown allotment plot that had become available that we were about to adopt. There was only one word that could describe it... overgrown! Turns out the previous allotment holders to plot 58S had not used it for at least 5 years. As a result we have long couch grass and lots of thistles to deal with.

Keen to start, the recent cold weather have somewhat stalled our attemp to clear the plot of the grass and thistles. But now we are set for the next weekend together with some friends to clear it and start preparing it for the coming year. A year that hopefully will bring us lots of fresh organic vegetables and also some fruits.


  1. "we have long couch hair and lots of thistles to deal with"

    Welcome to my world!!!

  2. And after the hair cut, be sure to have the plot's soil tested before you plant.

  3. Hi guys, don't be too disheartened at this point - just clear a bit at a time and any other areas cover in cardboard or membrane weighed down until you can get to it. This will start to kill back the undergrowth below and give you a head start on it! Our plot hadn't been used for 25 years when we took it over 2 years ago!!

  4. Good point! Saving all the cardboard we can get our hands on at the mment.