Saturday, 21 March 2009

Strawberries and Asparagus

Ok so here we are now a bit later... we planted the asparagus crowns some three weeks ago and also put the strawberry plants on the allotment. The strawberries all came from the two strawberry plants I have on the roof terrace. In between them, they produced 12 new little plants for this year.

Then the day after we got the very sad news that M's good friend and house mate had sadly passed away. This in combination with very heavy workloads for both of us resulted in having been slightly unfocused on the allotment for the past 3 weeks but we are going back there today to plant some potatoes (3 varieties and I am not sure we can remember which is which...) and also some peas. We have also ordered more seeds and some raspberry canes that will be planted next weekend.


  1. Hello Petra & Mattias, I am sorry to hear you have lost a friend, it's always a sad time when someone close dies, so you had good reason not to feel like going to the allotment.

    I hope your potato planting went well, I put mine in 2 weeks ago, and my peas went in today. I had them growing in toilet roll innards, and they were just peeping through so I thought I would get them in, one less thing to have to look after, once in the ground they are on their own ! good luck with all the rest of your plans. The allotment is coming on well you have both worked hard on it.
    maureen :)

  2. Thanks Maureen! Much appreciated! It is progressing well now and just about to post an update of where we have got to so far!