Tuesday, 16 June 2009


This weekend we went to our first annual general meeting for the allotment society. Assuming it would be quite quick and eventless we got quite the opposite when some proper drama kicked off... A French lady basically accused the committee of not being straight with the finances and that money had disappeared back in 2001. It was something about the council not getting the rents for all the allotments that year that the committee had collected... She had actually gone to the council but as they only keep records 6 years back they had no documentation for 2001 to prove if it had been paid or not. The committee aware of the situation could actually provide a receipt they had received from the council in 2001 acknowledging that it had been paid! Still that was not good enough for the French lady. She was mostly just shouting out loud and not waiting for her turn to speak causing several people to shout out 'Shut Up!'. It was quite comical to be honest.

Next thing the French lady started to go off about was how the committee exploits the people that volunteer to work in the shop on the site. It is open 2 hours/week during the warm season and no one seems to do more than 2 hours every 2-3 months so not really sure it can be called exploiting. Also, if someone does not want to volunteer, then they can stop doing so.

In conclusion, we survived the first AGM and are pleased that there is a whole year before the next one...

Will now enjoy some of our produce... sweet peas, chard, onions and strawberries.


  1. Community life, eh? There's always someone who's not happy, but they're rarely volunteering to do any of the work:-)My mum never attends AGMs because she hates all the discussions and arguments.
    Hope your strawberries were good and sweetpeas smelling wonderful!

  2. LOL. It turned out to be quite eventful then.