Sunday, 27 September 2009

Missing Pumpkin

One of our big pumpkins have gone missing from our allotment... Sadly it was the biggest one and the one Myles had his eyes on to carve a great scary halloween face on. Still there are two huge pumpkins but with a whole month to go we are now worried that more pumpkins will be stolen and there will be none left for Myles when Halloween comes around. This one in the picture is still there...
Autumn is really starting to set in on the allotment. Still we are harvesting the last tomatoes and cucumbers. The leeks and brusselsprouts are growing well and we look forward to harvesting those later in the year.

Here are some pictures from our allotment yesterday.


  1. What a shame about the pumpkin, still, the one in the picture looks a good size for carving too.

  2. I hoped some pumpkins survived - we had one year when all the pumpkins were stolen and used as footballs around the site. The problem is we have some tenants who just totally refuse to lock gates so this sort of thing happens.