Sunday, 22 February 2009

Onions and Broad Beans

It has been the day of planting onion sets and broad beens on the allotment. We took 6 year old Myles down there for the first time and he really got right in to it and did most of the planting. We planted Red Onions, Yellow Onions, Shallots and some Broad Beans. With the team effort, all onion sets were rapidly planted and Myles got a bit annoyed that there was nothing else to plant right now. We have promised to take him down there again in March when the potatoes will be ready to go in and some of the other seeds we have purchased.

We have also bought some asparagus crowns that are to be planted later in the week. If anyone has any advise on planting asparagus crowns, do let us know!


  1. Prepare the soil well as they will be in the same spot for many years, lots of muck. The soil should be easy draining. Pick a spot that does not over shadow the rest of the plot as the ferns get quite high once you stop cutting in mid June. I prefer to plant in a block not a row as you will also need to tie up the ferns to stop them blowing over in the wind. You could put a strong 6ft post at each corner so you can fit some retaining wire around the block. My 20 plants are now in their 6th year and cropping very well. In fact by mid June we get a bit fed up with asparagus almost every day. I mulch with grass cuttings each spring to form a ridge and cover the ground between the rows with plastic. Keeps the weeds down and helps retain moisture.

  2. Sounds fab! Im an asparagus newby too! Lots of conflicting practices on the web and in books on planting but I honestly dont think its as complex as it seems. Just dont crop any this year. Leave the ferns develop and enjoy. Then wait until the next year and lightly crop. The year after they should be fully established and ready to take full advantage of!

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  3. Thanks for all the tips. Much appreciated!